Between the Pages: Part Five

Children’s author Alane Adams’ Between the Pages educational video series teaches children how to write great stories using fun videos and activity guides for all ages.

“Part Five: Completing the Puzzle”: In this final segment, all the pieces of a book are brought together as children learn why most stories have happy endings, delving into the bond that forms between the reader and the character as the author invites the reader into the character’s point of view. The segment finishes with a wrap-up of why authors write stories and pulls together all the pieces discussed in each episode.

Linked below are the activities that accompany the episode. The links are ordered from lowest to highest difficulty.

Young Readers

Middle Elementary


Young Writers

Further Resources

Interested in receiving constructive criticism to improve your writing? Try Cotsen Children’s Library’s free resources for aspiring young writers (recommended age range: 9-17). Their First Draft program allows children and teens to receive feedback on their writing via email, and the One to One program facilitates Zoom chats between young writers and their assigned editors/writing mentors.

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