Watch Ralph’s TV Treehouse Virtual Concert Series!

Tune in to Ralph’s TV Treehouse Virtual Concert Series, a high-energy and music-filled show starring Grammy-nominated kids’ musician Ralph Covert and his puppet pals. We’re excited to make this series available on-demand for for our patrons! Episode links are available below.

Episode 1: After the Storm ~
The TV Treehouse has been blown out of its tree by a windstorm. Can Malcolm, Rani, Beauregard, and Ralph find their musical instruments and fix the damage? Will they still be able to share music with the kids at home? Will they ever time travel again? Join our heroes as they start a new chapter of their life together in the TV Treehouse.

Episode 2: Freddy Bear and Friends ~
Featuring songs from the very first Ralph’s World album, this acoustic concert from the TV Treehouse puts you in the front row for laughs and songs with Ralph and his puppet friends Malcolm, Beauregard, and Rani.

Episode 3: At the Bottom of the Sea ~
Ralph and his puppet friends Beauregard, Rani, and Malcolm are in their TV Treehouse, not at the bottom of the sea, but that doesn’t stop them from singing songs from the second Ralph’s World album. They’ll even take you surfing in your imagination!

Episode 4: Happy Lemons for Happy Days ~
Life is always better with an ice cold glass of lemonade, and when you throw in acoustic performances of favorite songs, how can you go wrong? Join Ralph and his puppet friends Rani, Malcolm, and Beauregard for fun and friendship broadcast from their TV Treehouse.

Episode 5: The Black Belt Rhyming Champions ~
Did you know Ralph was a Black Belt Rhyming Champion? Along with many other fun songs, join in the festivities as he defends his title as his puppet friends Malcolm, Rani, and Beauregard try to stump him by coming up with animal names he can’t rhyme!

Episode 6: Dance Party! ~
Hanging out with Ralph and his puppet friends Beauregard, Rani, and Malcolm is always fun, but when the kids request a dance party, you can rest assured they’ll up the fun factor and really get everyone rocking and moving!

Episode 7: Peggy’s Pie Parlor ~
What’s better than freshly baked pies? Ralph’s puppet friends Beauregard, Malcolm, and Rani share their favorite baking recipes with Ralph in this rollicking adventure from the TV Treehouse. Warning: dogs and cats might not love the same ingredients in their pies, as Ralph finds out!

Episode 8: Covered in Glue ~
Ralph really loves singing his songs, and his puppet friends Rani, Beauregard, and Malcolm really love playing tricks on him. Join them for this playful acoustic concert featuring hi-jinks and silliness broadcast from the TV Treehouse.

Episode 9: Dance Party ~
A day at the TV Treehouse is always a good day! Fans wrote in with favorite songs they wanted to hear, and Ralph, Rani, Malcolm, and Beauregard were excited to play a special concert of everyone’s favorites. Join us for a fun dance party!

Episode 10: Kid Astro ~
Malcolm is busy inside writing a play about his hero Kid Astro, while Rani and Beauregard are having fun playing outside. Ralph and the kids at home are making music together – things get crazy when everyone’s worlds start colliding!

Episode 11: The Rhyming Circus ~
When Beauregard was a young pup, he ran away to join the circus. Rani stayed closer to home, but found adventure in her local library. Join our friends as they all explore the things they do best, and share some friendship and music-making with them.

Episode 12: Kid Astro on Broadway ~
Malcolm has been working hard on his new play all about the adventure of Kid Astro. Rani and Beauregard have decided to help him stage the show! Ralph keeps busy making music with the kids, and then everyone gets to take a trip out of this world, because it’s show time!

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