TEL-Testing & Education Reference Center

Do you have a high school student in your life? Maybe you’re thinking of changing careers or going back to school? If so, planning for the future is likely a big focus right now. Preparing for tests, career planning, and scholarship searches can be so overwhelming, but we have some tools to share that are accessible from the library website to help with those big plans!

The Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) is always a great first stop for test preparation. Through TEL, you will find the Testing and Education Reference Center (TERC), which features practice tests for the ACT, SAT, entrance exams and more, to get you ready for the real thing!

TERC also provides access to a selection of online study materials for the testing involved in various career fields, as well as advanced placement exams and the US Citizenship Test. All you have to do is sign up for a free account allowing you to store your progress on practice tests and scholarship applications.

If entering the workforce is the goal, the Virtual Career Library is the place to start! Located under the ‘Career’ tab in TERC, you’ll find a list containing various areas of interest and the Virtual Career Library. This career library has a myriad of modules that break down cover letters, resumes, and other helpful tips to land a new job.

TERC has so much to offer and it is all free and available through your library! Check out the Resource Guide below for additional details.

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