Molly of Denali Take-Home/Virtual Workshop

The children’s library has been a community partner of WCTE’s education team for several years. This partnership has brought many special events, workshops, and materials to the library based on a wide array of exciting PBS Kids Shows. Our Children’s Staff, along side our partners from WCTE, have been gearing up to bring families a new workshop inspired by the TV series Molly of Denali, which highlights family values and traditions, as well as informational text. Of course, our current situation has required that they make some changes to the design of this workshop and as such, they have transferred the instructional portion to a virtual platform for the safety of any participants. Beginning Monday, July 20th, families are invited to stop by the library or utilize our Curbside Checkout service to pick up a take-home activity bag for the Molly of Denali Family and Community Learning Workshop. This bag will include materials for four different sessions designed to be enjoyed as a family. Activities are geared toward children ages 4-10, but can be adapted for any age! 

A video walkthrough of each session will be available on our library YouTube channel for guidance on how to use the resources provided in the bag. These activity bags are limited and will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis, so get yours soon!

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