New Meditation Class

meditationflyerThe Putnam County Library is proud to announce a new partnership with Synergy Studio and The Treehouse at North Hall of TTU. We have established a new and exciting group called  “Upper Cumberland Community Meditation”. Upper Cumberland Community Meditation is a group of diverse individuals from a variety of traditions who seek to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness as a part of everyday life. We gather at various locations in the Cookeville area for regular community meditation experiences.

There will be a guided meditation at the Putnam County Library every second Wednesday of the month starting in February with the incomparable Petti Groth leading our first session. If you can’t  make this time there is also “Third Thoughtful Thursdays Mindfulness Meditation Moments” on Thursday, February 16, Thursday, March 16, and Thursday, April 20 — all at 11:11 am in the Third Floor Great Room of New Hall North. We will meet for about 33 minutes, until 11:44 am. This is free and open to everyone, students, faculty, staff, community. On the 16th of March installment, professor Andrew Smith will give a brief introduction to Christian contemplation. And if both of these don’t strike your fancy, or you simply want yet more mindfulness, Synergy Studio located on Broad St. across from the library is offering a free community meditation class on the first Sunday of every month.

This is a great way for you to get yourself centered in this bustling world. Everyone has stresses in their lives, but not everyone has the ability to deal with them properly. Now you have the opportunity to learn how to handle the stresses of everyday life. The best part of all…it’s absolutely FREE!!!


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